August 3, 2020

On-Chip debugging with STM32 chips

I was looking for a nice IDE integrated on-chip debugging setup for STM32 chips and the STLink V3 on macOS. Neither OpenOCD nor st-util worked out of the box with CLion. I didn’t want to use gdb directly. STCubeIDE works great, but I don’t want to use STCubeMX projects. I’m writing firmware using chibios right now. I wanted something which works for any RTOS without much hastle. So I took some inspiration from how STCubeIDE works. Read more

June 6, 2020

challenges working on electronics

Working on electronics makes me appreciate how easy software engineering is. Why is that? Personally I can work efficiently when I have a tight feedback loop and when I can simulate the environment I’m working in. This allows me to make small changes and quickly converge my design towards the desired state I want to reach. With electronics establishing a tight feedback loop is much more complicated. Assuming you layed down your schematic, sanity checked all nets and verified your PCB with design rule checks you eventually end up ordering a PCB. Read more

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